My romance with metal has its genesis in Intaglio printmaking. I was more drawn to the physicality of the zinc plates than I was to the prints they created. I began pop riveting used printing plates together forming sculptural objects. The limitations of the plates led me to search for other types of metal that would provide me with greater flexibility. Scrap metal was the answer, offering me creative choices in surface texture, color, and form.

Each piece of scrap metal with its individual character provides me with vast potential when assembling and designing my sculptures. The history of found metal is revealed in its torn disintegrating edges, pitted surfaces, natural patinas, and play of the elements. Remnant shapes and surfaces bring another layer of content to my work, a synthesis of my vision and the inherent personality of the found piece.

The process entails carving out our shapes with a plasma cutter (an electric torch), then welding these pieces together. Sometimes, I add acid to further enhance the rusting process. I then add color by the layering of inks and spraying acrylic enamels. The fine-tuning comes with Stabillo pencils. I seal each piece with a clear acrylic coating to keep it in an arrested state of decay and to preserve the color. Most decision making comes from preconceived ideas, yet I take advantage of a degree of unpredictability in the process, which I find rewarding and meaningful as an artist.

In December 2002, I joined forces with artist Jan Bush in a collaboration of new designs and objects. Jan has a degree in Art from the University of Arizona where he was trained in fine art and photography. This union has provided artistic expression that has allowed for both larger more physically demanding work, as well as a blending of perspectives and sensibilities of shared creative histories. We look forward to the path ahead and the work that this direction will produce.

We currently exhibit in the following galleries:

Virginia Breier Gallery — San Francisco
Del Mano Gallery — Brentwood
Tops Gallery — Malibu
Human Arts — Ojai
Moonshell Gallery — Hilton Head
Altamira Gallery — New York
Denise Roberge — Palm Desert
Von Wening Art — Palm Desert
Twin Lakes Gallery — Mammoth Lakes


Best Sculpture / Beverly Hills 04
Best of Show / Mammoth 03
Best Sculpture / Tempe 04
Best of Show / Lake Arrowhead
Highest Sales in Metal Category /Pacific Fine Arts


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